The palace in Krzyzanowice was built in 1670, it was a showy feudal house on the place of an older seat. About 1860 it was rebuilt by the wealthy family Lichnovský in the new Gothic style. the building was at that time enriched with a round tower in the south-eastern corner of the house. The gate was built in the half of the 19th century. It is created in the new English Gothic style with decorated cast-iron bars and a plate with an inscription. Around the palace you can visit a botanic garden with many kinds of exotic trees, for example a liriodendron tulipifera. Several important musicians of Romanticism were guests in this palace. It was for example the family friend Ludwig van Beethoven, who had given some concerts here in August 1806. In spring 1848 this palace was a place of secret meeting of Ferenc Liszt and Karolina Ivanovská, who had left her Russian husband. Liszt even composed some of his works here. Nowadays the palace is in possession of nuns Franciscans Virgin Mary of continuous helping, they are carrying on a charity house here. You can also admire a late Baroque parish Church of St. Anna in this village, built in 1791 – 1793. Above the entrance to this church there is a showy cartouche with a coatof- arms of Lichnovský.
To the memory of the Beethoven’s and Liszt’s stays classical concerts take part in Krzyzanowice every year.