The alleged oldest mention about Kobeřice comes from the year 1183. But this is a falsification from the 13th century. the authenticated mention about the municipality is from the year 1236, when the Moravian margrave Přemysl acknowledged the municipality in the possession of grave-digger prebends of order of the Knights of St. John.

A complex of 13 frame granaries from the 18th and 19th centuries in the streets Mlýnská, Slezská and Osmilány.

The Ascension of the Virgin Mary Church
The New Gothic parish church from the year 1896 was built on the place of an old wooden church with bells, which come from the years 1487 and 1499.

The Čujka’s Mill
This brick building from rye bricks from 1913 was built on the place of a former water mill from 1756, which was used until 1964 with preserved mill machines.