The first written mentions about the municipality come from 1303. A component of this village is the settlement Vrablovec, too. It is situated in a undulating woody landscape in the eastern part of Oderské hills.

The Cascade of Ponds
In this picturesque holiday area you have the possibility of angling, but you can jog, too, ride a bike, pick up the wood berries and in the winter you can skate.

The St. Nicholas Cathedral
The New Gothic cathedral was built in 1906 and 1907. It is a lengthwise one-aisled construction built partly from rye bricks and from glazed bricks, too. the prismatoid tower reaches the height of 75 meters. In the interior there is an organ from the year 1932.

The Small Chapel – so called “Swedish Chapel”
A chapel protected by a care of historical monuments in street Vrablovecká. Swedes have been here on their ways in the Thirty Years’ War twice and the dead are buried under this chapel.

The Restaurant and the Bowling Selský dvůr
Three bowling courses, a billiard, a large-scale projection, a small saloon of style and delicious cuisine.