The first written mention about the existence of this municipality comes from 1377. the first deep mining of stone coal in this region was opened in Petřkovice in 1782. The mining was finished in 1986. Today a Mining Museum is situated in the area of the former mine Anselm. This village was connected to the Czech republic in 1920. Now the village is an administrative town part of Ostrava.

Landek Park – the Mining Museum
The Mining Museum in Ostrava – Petřkovice is the largest mining outdoor museum in the Czech republic. It is situated in the area of the mine Anselm, called also Masaryk or Eduard Urx. On the hill Landek (280 m) you can see starting seams of pit-coal. the hill Landek and its surroundings were proclaimed to a National Natural Monument. the famous Palaeolithic Venus of Landek was found here. Exhibits of extracting technology are situated in this museum and in the indoor rooms you can see exhibits from the history of coal exploitation.
The most popular attraction for adults and but also children is the possibility of going down to the pit by an original lift. the visitors can directly see the conditions and ways of the work in a mine.