The first written report about the existence of this municipality comes from 1228. the municipality Píšť is located in the north-eastern border part of the district Opava, in a mild undulating landscape of the Hlučínská hill country.

The Bathing Pool with the Sport Resort and the Mini-golf
This sport resort and bathing pool aff ords a possibility to enjoy your free time. In this area you can fi nd a well-kept lawn, tennis courts, an illuminated mini-golf. Next to this pool there is a playground of the football club SLAVIA Píšť and a playground with a synthetic surface – all kinds of ball plays are able to be played here. A part of this sport and holiday resort is a well known 100-metres long shooting-range.

The ST. Lawrence Church – a Pilgrimage Site for St. Mary
The historical dominant of the village is the St. Lawrence Church, which was built in 1743, today it is a pilgrimage site for St. Mary, which was appointed by the bishop Ostrava – Opava. the Baroque statues of SS Peter and Paul are preserved here and a complex of fi ve pictures from 1784 painted by the painter from Opava F. Licht. On the main altar in the St. Lawrence Church there is a Mother of God painting, about 280 years old, which was blessed by Pope in 2001. In 2003 an outdoor Way of St. Cross was fi nished in the area of the pilgrimage site. the Way of ceramics reliefs has got a holiday and park part, too.

The National Natural Monument Hranečník
This natural monument - it is an oak-pine wood with nesting-places of herons grey.

The Sun Park Dial
The sun park dial in the area of 16 x 47 metres are this time the largest sun dial of this type in the middle Europe. It uses one of the signs of municipality Píšť – the lily, the bearing arms of the masters from Zvol, they were the owners of the village in the 16th century. the sun dial was constructed in 2005 in the centre of the municipality, near the church and the municipal offi ce.