The first written reports about this municipality come from 1349. The municipality and its local part Vrbka are situated about 9 km from the town Opava and almost 4 km from the border to Poland. the both villages were compounded on 1. January 1979.

The Chapel of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary
The modern chapel was built in 1997. the building is modern and its appearance is very attractive. It has a designed ground-plan in the shape of an equilateral triangle, so the building has got a simple, but special shape. For the festive starting of the building there was prepared a basic stone, which was concentrated by Pope Johann Paul II during his visit of Olomouc in 1995. Very striking are the window-pages, which illuminate the building and give a spirit impression.

The Chapel of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Služovice – Vrbka)
This small chapel in Vrbka was built from red rye bricks in New Gothic in 1909. It is a part of a complex of buildings, which were bult in Hlučínsko in the early 20th century – their style is typical for the northern German New Gothic style.