The first written mention about this village comes from 1270 – in this year this settlement was connected to the possession of the Convent in Velehrad. The municipality is situated in the hills of the valley by the stream Bečva in Hlučínská hilly country.

The Natural Bathing Pool Vřesina u Hlučína
It is situated in the east part of the municipality on the road to Hať under the natural reservation Dařanec.

The Church of St. Vilém Aquiliánský
It was built in 1930 by the builder Luzar of Kouty by Kravaře in the modern Romanesque style. It is covered with slate, its tower with copper metal plate. It is 28m long, 14m wide and its tower is 40m high and it has 6 bells. The building was built in the time of the economical crisis during unbelievable short time – 5 month. In 2004 it was reconstructed.

The Natural Reservation Dařanec
This state natural reservation – it is a mixed broadleaved wood with oaks, hornbeams and limes in the area of 33 hectares. The Reservation Dařanec is situated in a little sloping ground and so it is suitable for relaxing and walking. Around Vřesina there is an instructional path. Its marked line is suitable for children and also adults. The former owners had the border oak-trees put here – and some of them you can find still here. One of them is oak of Mechtilda “Mechtilden Eiche” - and not far from it an erratic block from Scandinavian gneiss is situated.

The Well
It is a wood well in the south-east edge of the village – a possibility of relaxing and refreshment on the edge of a wood by walking or cycling – it is situated on the cycle route “C”.