The first written mention about this village comes from 1349 – the village had been connected with Dolní Benešov. In 1527 the village was bought by brothers Jan and Vavřinec from Drahotuše. Archaeological finding had been practised three times here – mostly in the area of the medieval castle. Ceramic crocks from the 14th and 15th centuries were found here.

The Little Castle Závada (“Swedish Chances”)
This preserved rather impressive fortifi cation, which is a rest of a medieval little castle, is situated in a wood (“Pánský les”) right from the main road Závada – Bohuslavice. Its own heart has proportions 26 x 22 metres, the first moat is on the top 14 metres wide and at the bottom 2 metres, the other moat 10 metres on the top and 1,5 metres at the bottom.

St. Urban’s Chapel
A chapel from 1898.