Welcome to Hlučínsko

You are on the ways or your duties are taken you to Slezsko? Or you are sitting in the comfort of your home and you are planning - what about your free time? So – make your bicycles ready or get in your car, to a bus or a train, start your GPS navigations and
come to see us. Hlučínsko is without exaggeration an interesting and individual region, which is able to offer anything. Hlučínsko is a picturesque piece of land, it is situated
between the rivers Opava and Odra, in the vicinity of the cities Opava and Ostrava and the border to Poland. It is a landscape of large fertile fields, green woods and stretches of water, it is rich in natural beauties, but also many cultural sights, a varied scale of architectural and artisan‘s interests, folklore traditions, hospitality and amicable spirit.

A Bit Information about Hlučínsko

The region Hlučínsko is characteristic of specific historical development and development of nationalities, which were formed during many centuries. Until 1742 it was a part of the Czech Crown Country, after the Austrian-Prussian wars and the consecutive signature
of peace in Wroclaw Hlučínsko with another offended territory of Slezsko became a constituent of Prussia. This occurrence had a great influence on the consecutive
historical, national and linguistic development. After the ending of World War I the territory Hlučínsko (or the south part of the original district Ratiborz) was affixed to the Czechoslovakia, which was resolved at the Parisian peace conference, and so in February 1920 Hlučínsko became a part of Czechoslovakia. This region was then - owing to a long-termed historical development – in 1938 affiliated to the German Empire. Since
1945 Hlučínsko has been again a component of the Czech country and it has been remaining its specific national and cultural prodigy.

Through Hlučínsko for History and Knowledge

Are you interested in history, do you like disclosing the historical structures and meeting famous personalities? Hlučínsko can offer to you a rich collection of castles with many interesting expositions, museums and other sights, that are able to reveal historical connections and development of this region to you. You can find here many monuments of killed, numerous military fortifications in the whole Hlučínsko, in addition also the fortress Křižovatka in Velké Hoštice und burial-ground of the Red Army in Hlučín.