It is a location, that has been settled with Slavs since the 10th century. Its name comes from Moravian language. A large gypsum mine was in business here, it had originated in the Miocene and it was used to 1972. Students of University Jagellonská in Krakow practice archaeological excavations on fi elds in the surroundings of Dzierzyslaw. In August 2000 archaeologists found here the fi rst
settled settlement of Magdalena culture people in Poland – it is about 12 thousands years old. The finding of two Hematita figures has to be mentioned here, too.

It is worth to see:
- the Reservation the Sádrová Mountain – it was established in 1957, in this location you can fi nd steppe fl ora and growths - for example campanula bononiensis, prunella grandifl ora or pyrethrum corymbosum
- the St. Bartholomew’s Church built in 1936 on the grounds of an old church from the 15th century, which was destroyed in Thirty Years War
- “The Park of Five Gates” - established on the place, where once a showy palace was situated, which had been built in the 18th century by Italian masters. This palace had fi ve gates – from these gates comes the name of the park
- “Voda dzierzyslawianka” - a huhdred-years old spring of water
- “The Blossom Well”
- “The Rock Garden” - “The Barn” - Kosciuszki 21 Strees