The first written mention about this village comes from 1262. A castle was situated once on a hillock south of this village, that’s way the well at the foot of this hillock is called “the castle well”. A distillery, a brewery and also a pheasantry were situated in this village in the 19th century.

It is worth to see:
- the village park with a memorable tree lime
- a gravel-pit
- the New gothic Church from 1262
- “kurhany” (grave-mounds) are located in the north of Lubotyń in front of a former folvark next to a sand-pit
- “folvark Konstanzeinhof” (a domination with housekeeping) – it was a component of this village, it is located in the north from Lubotyń. Its surroundings are overgrown with trees, which overshadow the ruin of the building
- the grave and the memorial plate of the former owners of Lubotyń