This village is located in a light hilly country. In 1260 a settlement was located here, the first mention about this settlement comes from 1335. the settlement was probably settled with people, who had came to this locality from Upper Frankish region. A lot of cherry-trees are grown along roads to Rozumovice.

It is worth to see:
- the ruin of an Evangelical Church, which was built in 1804 – 1807 on the location of a former minster from 1403
- the wooden two- storeyed granary
- an archaeological locality from the low stone-age with ones of the oldest vestiges after human presence in Polish country
- partly protected country region Rozumice, which was established in 2000 to save the local leafy wood. It contains more than 171 kinds of plants, 7 of them are protected. The most interesting plants here are hacquetia epipactis, lily lily, carex strigosa. The fauna of the reservation is interesting, too. You can find here turtledoves wild, fl ycaters, eared bats, rusty bats or slow-worms frail etc.
- the monument of the dead in World War I with an inscription “Never more a War” in Polish and German languages