Gmina Krzyżanowice

Gmina Krzyzanowice is located in the region of Ratiborz, in the south-western part of the Silesian area. Its extend is 6 900 hectares and about 11 500 inhabitants are living here. the municipality Krzyzanowice is a a fundamental territorial unit (a central municipality), 10 municipalities are included in this Gmina – they are Krzyzanowice, Chalupki, Tworków, Bienkowice,Boleslaw, Owsiszcze, Nowa Wioska, Roszków, Rudyszwald and Zabelków. the river Odra is the eastern border of the municipality and in the south and in the west there is a state frontier.
Krzyzanowice is a typical agricultural village. This fact is supported by a mild clime with air streams from the next neighbourhood of Moravian gate. Just this kind of clime is perfect for local agriculture. The history of area above upper Odra reaches the Stone Age.
In the area of this municipality stone tools were found – dated 240 thousands to 180 thousands B.C. This is the oldest vestige of human attendance in Poland. the first written mentions about most of villages, which are components of municipality Krzyzanowice, come from the 12th to the 14th centuries.