A meaningful sight here is the Baroque parish Church of SS Peter and Paul, built in 1691 – 1694 according to a project of Jan Zeller from Opava. In its interior you can admire a nice stucco decoration made by Antonín Sign from Opava. Above its choir there is a painting represented the last tribunal – a patron lodge (it is a seat
reserved for the family, who takes care of the church – for example the local manor keeper) from the end of 17th century and also a rich wood-carving decorated main altar from the same time with a picture Feeding a crowd.
On the edge of this village you can fi nd the late Baroque branch pilgrimage Church of St. Urban, built in 1779 (a branch church is a church without an appurtenant parochial district and so it belongs to administration of a parish priest with a seat in another locality). A patron lodge decorated with a coat-of-arms of the Eichendorf’s and a Rococo altar from 1779 are situated in its
The castle in Tworków is a ruin today. Nowadays you can visit only a part made available to tourists. In the former palace park you can find a swimming pool, which you can use in the summer period.
In the Mlýnská street there is a mill from 1914 driven with a turbine, which is situated on the place of an older wooden water mill mentioned already in 1703. This mill has still been used and it has been in a possession of family Pawlik for ten generations.