Cyprzanow was formerly a part of Janowice, though, but nowadays the both villages are connected. Its name comes from the name of teacher Cyprian. In 1339 the village was in possession of Knight Měško Kornicy, who had given to the church in Ratiborz a half of yields, which he had got from the village. After a short time the village became the exclusive property of member of a chapter in Ratiborz. In 1861 the village was destroyed by a big fi re. the important Silesian activist of the Spring of Nations 1848 Emanuel Smolka (1820 – 1854) came from Cyprzanów. The Church of the Most Holy Trinity was built in 1865 – 1888 in new Gothic. You can find also some preserved typical farms of Franknian type from the end of the 19th and from the beginning of the 20th centuries and a chapel from the half of the 19th century.