The village got its name “Krowiarki” after the World War II. In a local dialect it is called “Kravaře”. In German it was “Polnische Kravaře”. The name of this village has been changed many times: 1223 Cravar, 1278 Kravar, 1679 Krawarsz, then Kravaře, in Polisch Krowiarze – it means the cow – keeper. It is not sure, when the village originated, probably it was at the turn of the 12th and 13th century. In the municipality there is a church of the Birth of Virgin Mary, which was built already in 1709, but much sooner (1223) a wooden small church had been situated here.
In 1852 – 1877 the former wooden palace was completely rebuilt and a park was established. the Family Donnersmarck finished in 1898 a New Gothic brick-walled wing of this palace on the place of a burnt wooden wing (1892). The palace has been kept in this condition to this time.