The fi rst written mention about this municipality comes from 1349.
This village was in the 14th and 15th centuries in possession of a freeman clan. Bělá was on 1. January 1979 connected to Chuchelná and today it has been an independent municipality again.

The Church of St. John Baptist
The branch church consecrated in 1933 with an artifi cial small cave of
Lourde style and a statue of the Virgin Mary Lourde.

The gamekeeper’s Lodge at Chmelík – the Trout Farm in Bělá
The old gamekeeper’s lodge of the family Rotschild became in 1896 the trout farm. It is located about 1 km behind Bělá in the direction of Závada. the trout-angling is very popular here by visitors. They can taste here also the local delicacy “Trout on butter”.

The Priessnitz’s Bath
Since 2004 it has been able to visit in Bělá Healing Spring based on Priessnitz’s method. Several pools are located in a very nice surroundings with woods. the bigger pool is used for having a bath of legs, the smaller for arms.
You can visit also a new playground for adults and children, too, near to the Spring you can fi nd the Diagnostic Path, a labyrinth and other arrangement for relaxing.