The fi rst written mention about the municipality Bohuslavice comes from 1288. In these years the municipality belonged to the domination of the powerful family from Kravaře, this family was in one family line called also “from Bohuslavice”. In the land register of this municipality you can fi nd 8 ponds, which are all assigned to a purpose of fi shfarming, mainly carps.

The Church of the Holiest Trinity

The parish church was consecrated in 1747 and it has a tower, which is located on unusual eastern side. It is together with an enclosing wall and a near chapel from the 2nd half of the 19th century a cultural sight protected by law. the interior of this church is abundantly decorated with frescos by the painter from Opava in the 18th century Josef Matyáš Lassler and with pictures of Way of the Cross painted by Mr Vincenc Hurník, a many years priest of Bohuslavice.

The Struhal’s Oak Tree
This memorable tree – about 400 years old – is located behind the municipality left from the cycling path in the direction to Chuchelná. An old grocer’s road led here in the past.