Kravaře was established about 1224 in a valley mead of the river Opava. In the course of centuries Kravaře became the centre of a small domination in the eastern part of Opavsko, which made the most famous the family of free masters of Eichendorf. This family let built also the castle in the spirit of top Baroque and it established the English park around it. the park is nowadays a component of a golf course. In 13 the castle you can find an exhibition devoted to the family Eichendorf, the history of Kravaře and the normal people in Hlučínsko.

The Bully Arena in Kravaře
The Bully Arena offers an ice area, a tennis hall, a bowling course, a playground for children and a football ground, the Adventure Golf, a fitness and a hotel with a restaurant. This Bully Arena presents a great possibility for active sport and recreation and it is the greatest sport – relaxing complex in the whole area.

The Château Golf Club Kravaře
The Château Golf Club Kravaře is carefully incorporated into an English park around a Baroque château and the unique atmosphere of this golf course is emphasized with primeval trees and a lot of water streams. This new golf course with 18 holes was built in the local château park and it is here not only for professional players, but for everybody who wants to try this attractive sport.

The New-Gothic St. Bartholomew’s Church
The New-Gothic church navy was made by the famous local builder Josef Seyfried (1865 -1923).

The St. Nicholas Church
It was fi nished in 1928 by technical supervision of Franz Luzar.