Oldřišov is one of the longest occupied villages in Hlučínsko. Already in the 11th century a commercial road was leading across this area, it connected Moravia and the north part of the Baltic. The first proved written mention about this municipality is from 1234 in a Latin document written by Moravian margrave Přemysl to the Premonstratensian order of diccese in Olomouc with the seat in
Hradisko by Olomouc.

The Church of the Conception of the Virgin Mary from 1809
It was completely rebuilt in 1931, a the Virgin Mary Chapel was built and a new sacristy was annexed. In the fi ghts in the World War II the church was very destructed.

The Baroque Castle
The single story Baroque castle from the 2nd half of the 17th century on the place of a former fortress.