The first written report about the existence of Šilheřovice is a document from 1377 about the dividing of the Duke Nicholas’s II property. The municipality is located on an old commercial path leading from Poland to the Moravian inland and it is surrounded mainly by the natural reservation Černý les of a virgin forest type. In the local park (the area of 98 hectares) a 18 holes golf course is situated. It belongs to the Park Golf Club Ostrava and was opened in 1970. In the local wood (the area about 1000 hectares) you can fi nd a known pheasantry established by the wood-reeve Exner.

The Park Golf Club
The Park Golf Club Šilheřovice is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Czech republic. the local 18-holes course is situated in a gorgeous milieu of a château park and very important golf tournaments take place here.

The Church of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary
A Baroque church from 1713.

The Château
The three-winged château in Classicism and partly New-Baroque style is on the place of an extinct Renaissance fortress. A pavilion called Hunting-lodge and a pool with a sculptural group are situated in the park.

The Natural Reservation Black Wood (Černý les) by Šilheřovice I a II
This natural reservation – it is a beech primeval forest, which is typical for Odra lowlands.