The first written mention about Sudice is from 1327, when Opava Duke
Mikuoáš II sold the village to the Ratiborz Dominicans. The village is located in a picturesque border valley of Sudický bulge.

The Basilica of the John the Baptist
The Basilica of the John the Baptist is a reduced and a little changed copy of the Cathedral in Cologne. the building from 1906 in pseudo- Gothic style presents the central part of the whole complex – a fence wall and a gate, a tomb, a vicarage and some fi eld sheds belong to it, too. the whole complex has been a cultural monument since 1990. The basilica and the vicarage are work by a church builder in Silesia Josef Siefried from Kravaře. All picutres, including the Way of the Cross,
wee painted by a patriot of Hlučín Johannes bochenek in 1902 – 1909.

The Evangelical Church
The building of the Evangelical Church cannot be passed on the road in direction to the Polish border pass. It is used by Evangelical and Orthodox church. the festive consecrating of this new Evangelical church took place on 19. September 1909.