The first written mention about this village comes from 1222. The municipality is situated 5km east of the district town Opava. According to archaeological fi ndings the area around the village was inhabited in 6000 BC.

The Church of St. John the Baptist
This Baroque Church was built in 1773 by Ostrava builder Jakub Pánek, it is decorated with frescoes by the painter Sebastini.

The Infantry Block-house Křižovatka (Crossing)
It was a part of a fortifi cation from the 30th years of the 20th century.

Velké Hoštice: The Château
The count Ignác Dominik Chorynský from Ledská had bought Velké Hoštice in 1754 and he let a new late Baroque château build on the place of original aristocratic domicile. This château with abundant Rococo decorations was built by Ostrava builder Jakub Pánek. This time you can fi nd here an archaeological exhibition, in the cellars there is a bodega and the château is surrounded with a beautiful park.