Mobile phone/tablet tour guide with Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone operating system provides travellers with instant information about interesting sites, cultural and natural riches and news from the region. It includes the region of Hlučínsko (CZ) and Polish Gminy Kietrz, Krzanowice, Krzyżanowice and Pietrowice Wielkie (PL).

The mobile guide is free of charge and when installed on your mobile phone (smart phone or tablet with Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone operating system), it is permanently on hand and it is easily operated • it makes orientation in the locality easier thanks to GPS and map backgrounds • it identifies where exactly the user is and it presents useful topical information in relation to the locality • it informs about tourist attractions in a textual, visual and mainly audio form in four language mutations (Czech, Polish, English, German).

How to get a mobile guide application and install it on your mobile device?

The application may be used for all types of mobile phones and tablets with Android operating system. You may get it free of charge in several ways:
From an install file: downloaded from website:
Download the mobile guide install file on your computer and load it to your mobile phone via bluetooth, USB or memory card. Install the application.
• From mobile internet: Visit the web page com/store/apps/ from your mobile phone and download and install the guide right on your mobile via mobile internet. To download the application via Google, you need a user account and permitted data services from a mobile operator.



The project is cofinanced with Cross-border Cooperation Operational Programme CZ-PL 2007-2013 within Micro-Project Fund of Euroregion Silesia.